Team members

- Kayle Knops

- Bob van der Meulen



The challenge

We are all familiar with the feeling, the world around us is moving faster than ever and we are expected to do the same. Work faster, work better. Do more in less time. Because of this, burnouts and depression are more common than ever, and you never see them coming. Stress-related sick-leave is currently the main reason why employees don’t show up at work. Having a predictive tool that would provide insight into the mental wellbeing of employees, could save companies billions and prevent a lot of harm.

The solution

We developed a keyboard that can see how you type in an extreme amount of detail. And it turns out, that this tells us a lot about the user. Not only can we see who is typing, which can function as an unbreakable password, we can also see whether you are stressed, fatigued, emotional or even drunk. Currently, we are working on a keyboard that can predict whether someone will get a stress-related disease such as a burnout.



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