Team members

- Dirk van Meer

- Lotje Jobse

- Niels Bongers

- Kylian Klein Hesselink

- Walter Schaap

- Ton de Heer

- Giel van Huisseling

- Martijn Scheve

- Yris Van Dam

- Koen van Doremaele

- Rick Eurlings



The challenge

We are tackling 2 intertwined problems. Firstly, we are tackling the ever-growing shortage of metals. In the coming 35 years, we will lose access to most essential metals that are required to produce and innovate almost all electronic devices if we do not start to handle our electronic products in a cradle to cradle manner. Secondly, we are providing a solution for the inhuman and environmentally destructive way in which e-waste is currently being “recycled” and metals are currently being mined. Mining and recycling of these rare earth metals and hard to process waste streams most often takes place in countries like China, India and Africa under dire circumstances while destroying the natural habitats in which it takes place.

The solution

The solution we are working on is based on a process that is continuously happening below our feet. Just like the planet does itself, by leveraging a process called elementary retraction we are going to heat and melt waste materials and transforming them into raw materials and products that can be used again, but unlike the earth, we are not going to take millions of years to clean up our mess. The mixture that goes into our reactor is a smart mix composed of both energy-rich and poor materials. By doing this it is possible to significantly reduce the energy costs and make it a more sustainable technology that is not only beneficial to society but also financially interesting.


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