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The challenge

Each year globally 50 million patients undergo cancer treatment. Mostly, they are given the same treatment irrespective of the difference in types or stages of cancer. But not all persons are the same. "One size does not fit all". Patients can be prescribed personalized treatment owing to a better predicted outcome of the treatment. This can be done based on the presence or absence of certain cancer biomarkers in body fluids (e.g. blood) of the patients. However, the current sensors are not sensitive and selective enough to detect these cancer biomarkers reliably that allow the doctors to decide which patients get what treatments. This results in loss of money, time and lives.

The solution

The ideal solution would be extremely sensitive sensors that can detect cancer biomarkers exceptionally fast and predict treatment response such as our lab-on-a-chip nano sensor. ECsens patented an ultrasensitive, ultra selective sensor technology, proven capable of sensing nanoparticles individually. This eliminates both false positives and false negatives. In cooperation with three hospitals in the Netherlands, we plan to validate its performance in a clinical proof-of-concept next year. This solution is a step in the direction of the efficient, affordable, personalized medicine. The car, the cell phone and the computer were presented at World Expo’s in the past. We hope that 2020 will be remembered as the year in which the Dutch start-up ECsens showed the world the future of health care.



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