Accellent Tech

Team members

- Ege Gurtan

- Carlos Eduardo Osornio Martinez

- Jeroen van Zoeren

- Jirka Rajme Mendez

- Sina Geran


Accellent Tech

The challenge

Virtual and augmented reality have been acknowledged to be a distinctly useful tool for many applications. High-end and industrial applications adopting VR/AR technologies need nevertheless a robust infrastructure. The combination of physical, mental, and cognitive performance in a non-physical world can only be fully deployed when the interactive hardware and software combine in such a way the user truly encompasses the sense of presence. The motion detecting devices (motion sensors) that are used in VR hardware entail sensing/position errors caused by an intrinsic problem called drift. For the human brain to accept a virtual environment as real, the match between a changing position in the real world and in the simulated environment needs to be highly accurate.

The solution

We are Accellent Tech, an innovation-driven team in a mission to transform how we capture movement. We follow two courses of action: First, our novel accelerometer design increases measurement sensitivity and lowers drift, a problem that most companies mask with software solutions, but is only truly solved in the hardware itself. Second, we innovate in the input devices. Our motion sensors will be intrinsically integrated into garments for full body recognition to encompass the sense of presence and produce a realistic VR/AR experience. VR/AR open the opportunity to perform high-end training, medical practice, develop revolutionary educational tools; all without tangibles resources expenses or costly mistakes. We believe upgrading these technologies can bring solutions to the hitherto unsettled sustainable development challenges.


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