Team members

- Jefta Harwig

- Jan-Maarten in 't Veld

- Samuel Kernan Freire

- Wilbert Ras



The challenge

When a policeman wakes up, he never knows what he is going to face that day. Just an ordinary day can turn to a horrifying scene in a glimpse. The moment right after such a traumatic event is crucial for the recovery process. On the spot; ‘stabilising’ should become the highest priority, but currently first-responders have to withstand empty-handed. Traumatic experiences often result in troubled memories which can affect the mental health and emotional stability of all first-responders. When left alone, this results for many in the forming of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Our product aims to help anyone employed within an ‘uniformed profession’ and intervene right at the traumatic spot; this can potentially prevent PTSD.

The solution

Stabilising the emotional response can function as a pack of ice on the mental wound. Holding the vibrating controllers will naturally set a first-responder at rest, and help process what happened. This will result in fewer flashbacks (intrusive memories) and can therefore shorten and ease the recovery process.
Furthermore, the product will be equipped with sensors to collect bio-data during usage. This will help screen intense cases and monitor the forming of PTSD in early stage. The controllers are strikingly easy in use and can be carried within the first-aid kit for accessibility. Post traumatic stress is an urgent but underexposed phenomenon. Do you want to become part of the journey to evaporate this disease?


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