Team members

- Priyanka Harish

- Monika Salandova

- Lilly-Kyara Bergen

- Siddharth Kalra



The challenge

All babies cry but some more than others. One of the more discernible reasons for the crying is flatulence and/or colic. Worldwide, this affects at least 25 million babies annually. A colicky baby cries for three hours per day, for more than three days per week. Affected parents are often sleep-deprived, stressed, and frustrated leading to compromised work productivity. Some, even opt-out from having a second child. For the baby, it can mean stunted development and in the most extreme cases, permanent brain damage (Shaken Baby Syndrome). The current solutions are costly, ineffective, or invasive. The most effective technique to reduce baby's pain requires sessions of Kangaroo care for up to three hours, placing an enormous time burden!

The solution

ROCK-N-ROO is a non-invasive device simulating Kangaroo Care (KC) to relieve colic and/or flatulence. KC is a parental skin-to-skin technique, clinically proven to improve the sleep-wake cycle, stabilize heart rate and the breathing pattern of the babies. Our chest shaped pillow mimics the warmth, heartbeat, and breathing of a human adult, providing babies with a feeling of comfort and security just like being with a parent! With this hands-free device, parents can carry on with their daily activities with more ease and less stress. We envision the device to serve as an add-on and not as a replacement for parental care.


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