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- Jaime Ascencio

- Daniel Dacomba

- Bodenlenz Fabian



The challenge

Marine Ecosystems have been degrading at alarming rates! Around the world, 85% of oyster beds and 50% of coral reefs have been lost. Port Construction and Maintenance plays a huge role in this matter. The Port of Miami just destroyed more than half a million corals...and Australia approved to dump tons of sludge next to the Great Barrier Reef. Increasing pressure demands the ports to be aware of their impact on nature. Special landfills need to be constructed or huge distances need to be shipped by expensive vessels to dump the sediments further offshore. At the same time, the ports and coastlines need to protect themselves from sea level rise and higher waves. At the end of the story, there is no positive impact on nature and we just spend more and more…

The solution

It is just a matter of connecting the points! We, REEFY, have created a technology that reuses sediments, either sand or mud, to build artificial reefs that can be assembled underwater in a Lego-like structure. This assembly not only hosts a new flourishing and complex reef, but it is also a barrier against waves! Using nature as our ally is not only the best solution for the world of tomorrow…but also to our economy today! Our partners will stop throwing their money literally to the sea and will start creating value. Think circular and help us to brick by brick, build a better world!

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