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- Edgar Suarez Garcia



The challenge

How to feed 10 billion people by 2050, while providing nutritious and sustainable foods?. How to accelerate the transition of the protein market currently dominated by proteins of animal origin? How to provide an alternative, animal-free, non-GMO, allergen-free proteins which are not competing with arable land or fresh water? How to ensure a source of proteins which is not dependent on climate variations? Is it possible to produce sufficient proteins and yet contribute to a reduction in greenhouse emissions?. ALFI provides a feasible solution to these challenges.

The solution

ALFI stands for ALgae-based proteins as Functional Ingredients. We have developed a unique technology/approach to valorize microalgae into high-value proteins which have shown to perform similarly to other proteins from animal origin, such as egg whites or whey protein isolates. Microalgae are a sustainable biomass. They contribute to carbon mitigation and don't depend on arable land or fresh water. Microalgae can even grow on effluents from other industries such as flue-gas and nutrient-rich water. In addition, the proteins from some microalgae contain all essential amino acids and present no allergens, making them ideal for many food products in which nutrition and health are crucial aspects. Our solution stands out from other developments due to a unique combination of raw material, valorization technology and application as high-value ingredients.



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