InsectImpact (Insect Brownie Baking Kit)

Team members

- Sophie Tholhuijsen

- Meyke Kamstra

- Annemarije Gaasterland

- Romy van Voorst

- Marjolein de Graag


InsectImpact (Insect Brownie Baking Kit)

The challenge

Meat production has a big ecological footprint. With a growing world population, current protein resources are not sufficiently sustainable. Insect consumption is a solution, as insects have much impact on the environment and are meanwhile very nutritional. However, in Western society people have an aversion towards insect food. Eating insects is still a taboo.

The solution

To break the taboo on insect consumption, we have developed a brownie baking kit, containing ground crickets. Our baking kit makes insect consumption fun, accessible and tasty. This way, the aversion towards insects will decrease. On the contrary to many already existing insect products, our brownies are not a replacement of meat, but a nice snack that only contains invisible insects. This lowers the threshold of eating insects. Eventually, our product opens the gate towards large scale insect consumption.


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