Team members

- Hastrin Hositanisita

- Rio Lawandra

- Ahmad Fizri Afriandana

- Zikrina Istighfarah

- Lucky Astrida Evitasari

- Shirley Lim



The challenge

Is there enough food for the future? In the upcoming decades, food production should increase twice to feed 9 billion people by 2050. The need for water, land area and energy also doubled. Unexpectedly, food production contributes to climate change, especially in meat and dairy products. There are possible solutions that have been worked so far to cope with that problem such as insect-based food and a plant-based diet. However, it is not that easy to change human eating habits. There are some barriers such as unwillingness to eat an innovated insect products because of neophobia (disgust feeling to see insects in food) or the quality attributes in the food that haven’t met the customer expectation yet. How do we approach this problem in our growing food system which directly affects our mankind and the stability of our natural ecosystems?

The solution

Enakke is a new type of seasoning with environmental-friendly and nutritious ingredients. It is made from crickets, and moringa leaves with additional herbs and spices. Insect contributes much lesser greenhouse gases and required fewer resources to produce the same amount of nutrients needed by humans compared to other animal/poultry resources. Meanwhile, moringa plants proved to mitigate climate change due to the high absorption of carbon dioxide gas. Moreover, both ingredients are already consumed by indigenous people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They also contain high protein, zinc, and more iron than meat! Enakke has a crispy texture with a savoury and pleasant taste that can be used to spice up your daily foods. Make it tastier and more sustainable for the planet. You can sprinkle it on your staple foods such as rice, pasta, maize, or potato. Thus, you do not need to change your eating habits! Enakke will help consumers who had a fear of consuming insect-based products and willing to create better sustainable consumption for the future.



Want to know more about the project? Please contact us at: info@4tuimpactchallenge.nl

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