Prepare for the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge wildcards! This years winners will visit the Slush Festival in Helsinki. They are currently preparing so that they can give the pitch of their lives during the Slush Festival. They will receive a pitch training and several workshops during the Bootcamp on November 19th. On Monday November 29 they will start their trip to Helsinki. The 8 teams will give their best pitch during the Grand Finale of the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge on Tuesday November 30. Stay tuned and watch their road to Slush Festival!


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Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge

The mission of the Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge is to offer the brightest minds of the 4 technical universities in the Netherlands a platform for entrepreneurship. During the preliminary rounds held at the separate universities the two best ideas were selected per university. They got help from a broad partner network in overcoming the first hurdles on the way of entrepreneurship.

On November 30th 2021 eight teams will present their ideas at the Slush Festival in Helsinki. Here, they once more have to give the pitch of their lives to convince the jury.

About 4TU

The four universities of technology in the Netherlands are united in the 4TU.Federatie. 4TU aims to boost and pool technical expertise. The universities of technology plan to educate and deliver plenty of quality engineers and design engineers and to contribute internationally-renowned and societally-relevant research as well as promote cooperation between research institutes and businesses. Read more via:


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