Team RED

Team members

- Ruben Lathuy

- Sjoerd Pernot

- Kay van den Aker

- Elise van Wijngaarden

- Tjalling Nobels

- Silviu Stanimir

- Hassan Sewailem

- Ernesto Buñuel García

- Amar van Uden

- Pius Bentgens

- Pietro Maschera

- Micha Arnoldus

- Khalid Berrouayel

- Meie Kleijburg

- Julia van der Vleuten

- Niels Adaloudis

- Ana Maria Suso Jimenez


Team RED

The challenge

With a growing relevance of the energy transition, we are forced to consider the use of more and more decentralised renewable energy sources. Whilst we are seeing great developments in these technologies, their implementation is lagging far behind. There are many complex challenges that inhibit and slow down the process of actually implementing these technologies. For example the dependency on weather conditions means that not everywhere is as equally suited to every type of technology. Analysis of all these factors can be very expensive and time consuming, and if it comes to the conclusion that the technology isn’t suitable, it can be very frustrating. Therefore, for all our good intentions, turning it into action isn’t always that simple.

The solution

Team RED targets exactly this implementation process, by providing an interactive platform, on which the effects of lots of different energy technologies can be tested. The interactive map which we have created gives the users insights into the current energy situation, as well as providing an opportunity for them to simulate the placement of new technologies. They do this by selecting the type of technology (e.g. solar panels) they would like to add, setting its parameters, and deciding which building to place it on. The data model then calculates the effect this would have and displays this information in a way that is clear and understandable.



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