Team members

- Kibet Kipkemoi

- Sander Huisman

- Merel de Smit

- Jesse Lohman



The challenge

We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn coding, but above all, that a child should have fun. As our world rapidly digitalizes, the skill of coding has become increasingly important. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough teachers with the knowledge to teach children the skills of coding. Educational Technology (EdTech) toys have the potential to be a great way to teach children coding skills. However, these toys tend to focus entirely on learning how to code first and having fun is only secondary.

The solution

That is why we created LoCoMoGo: the toy that teaches children coding through play. Starting at the age of 4, children learn basic code logic, entirely off-screen. It then grows with them over the years until they become true code masters at age 10-12, all while playing.


Want to know more about the project? Please contact us at: info@4tuimpactchallenge.nl