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Easee Online eye exam

The challenge

Eyes are one of our most important assets. Unfortunately, their health decreases once we get older. Cataract is the number one cause of age related and curable visual impairment in the world. This is easily curable with surgery but will require consultations before and after surgery. These consultations are expensive and time consuming for both ophthalmologist and patient. Continuing with these time-consuming consultations in a world where population is growing exponentially and where people live longer, will cause longer waiting times, a stressful work environment and inefficiency. Also, this will mean that surgery prices will rise as hospital resources will get scarce. To keep healthcare accessible and affordable, a radical change in the current way of offering healthcare is needed.

The solution

With our new developed technology in telemonitoring, we can let patients take eye exams from home with their computer and smartphone. Our CE certified and medically validated online eye exam will help people to get their eye measurements like vision, refraction and cylinder from home without the help of healthcare professionals. Together with the development of health-assessing questionnaires by the UMC Utrecht and a new healthcare process, we can make eye-care more accessible and future-proof. Waiting times will decrease, costs will go down and consultation times are reduced. Ophthalmologists will have more time to see patients with complications and can perform more surgeries.



Want to know more about the project? Please contact us at: info@4tuimpactchallenge.nl

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